How to Survive Long Layovers

Breaks between flights have several pros and cons. 

A long layover means that you might be able to get a cheaper ticket for a connecting flight, and you have a chance to explore the airport and do some shopping or eat a delicious snack before arriving at your destination. 

Long layovers can also happen if you missed a flight or your flight got delayed because of weather changes. But a lot of people dread these flights because they feel that they’ll feel stuck for hours. 

This doesn’t have to be the case, and a long layover can sometimes be fun. 

Although layovers are sometimes impossible to avoid, there are several tips that can help you survive them. 

Do Some Research About the Airport Lounge

Check the lounge facilities and how you can enjoy them. For example, most airport lounges offer sleeping pods and relaxing chairs, or even spas, so they’ll help you relax before continuing your trip. 

You can buy a one-time access lounge ticket for a discounted price or use the credit card that makes you eligible for lounge use. You can also get free drinks and snacks at the lounge, so make sure that you ask about the terms and conditions. 

Enjoy Some Sleep

A travel pillow and a lightweight blanket will keep you comfortable if you need to catch up on some sleep. To keep your carry-on secure, use a lock and cable to secure your bag to the chair and set the alarm if you can. You can also put your carry-on under your feet, so no one will be able to move it. 

Explore the City

If your layover is long enough, you can leave the airport and explore the city. Planning this in advance is necessary, so you can have a list of nearby spots or the places you can visit. 

Exploring the city is an excellent idea, especially if your layover is 8 hours or longer. You can have a quick meal, do some shopping, and even go watch a movie. Flights with longer layovers are also cheaper, so you can save on some cash and spend this money around the city. 

Go Shopping

Duty-free shopping is quite appealing because you can find plenty of deals. It’s also a chance to buy some of your favorite snacks, perfumes, and drinks. 

There might also be several low-key boutiques around the airport, so you can buy some extra clothes if you’re feeling too hot or too cold. Just take a look around and research the airport before you travel. 

Book a Hotel Room

In most cases, airlines offer free accommodation if the layover is between 8 and 12 hours long. So, ask before you book a flight ticket, as you might be eligible for a hotel stay. 

You can also book a hotel room on your own to get some sleep or take a quick shower. Just stick to a nearby hotel, so you don’t miss your next flight and ask the reception for a wake-up call. 

Read A Book

The long layover can be a chance to catch up on some reading. Grab your favorite book or use your kindle device. If you forgot to pack your book, you could explore the airport, and you might be able to find plenty of bookshops to grab an interesting book. 

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