What’s All the Fuss About Treehouse Rentals?


Staying in a treehouse is one of the best ways to see the Northeastern U.S. Treehouse rentals can be arranged through Airbnb. There are many options in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. These are some of the most beautiful treehouse rentals in Northeast to inspire you for your next getaway.

The Canopy Treehouse, Sanford, Maine

The Canopy Treehouse is 350 square feet and can sleep up to four people. The Canopy Treehouse has a full-sized kitchen, appliances, and kitchen accessories. There is also a loft with attached sleeping pods with queen-size beds and an attached sleeping pod. The Maine treehouse is located in a quiet and peaceful area. You can relax on the deck or go fishing from the private dock. Or, you can take a dip in the hot tub. The treehouse is eco-luxury with many sustainable features and recycled/reclaimed materials.

Treehouse near Bar Harbor – Hancock (Maine)

This luxury treehouse is 900 square feet in size. It can accommodate up to six people and is nestled among cedar, maple, pine, birch and spruce trees. The treehouse is modern and features a sauna, fireplace, kitchen, fireplace, deck, and whirlpool. This pet-friendly Maine treehouse is close to many attractions along the Downeast Coastline. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary appliances to prepare delicious homemade meals.

Appleton Retreat – Appleton Maine

According to a colleague at Blue Star Roofing, a roofing contractor in Orlando Florida, this Maine treehouse is ideal for couples and can be found at the Appleton Retreat on 120 acres that are bordered with a protected nature conservatory. For more information, you can visit them at https://bluestarroofinginc.com/. The treehouse is located less than half an hour from charming coastal towns. It also offers a private escape. The first floor measures 20 feet in height, while the sleeping loft is approximately 40 feet above the ground. To access the space, you must climb three flights stairs. The space is well-equipped with electricity, a toilet and a kitchen. You can bring your dog up and down stairs, but dogs are not allowed.

SkyView Treehouse at Belgrade Hospitality, Belgrade, Maine

This treehouse sleeps four and is a favorite among Airbnb guests. It is located 10 minutes from Augusta, the downtown of Belgrade Lakes Region and Augusta. The treehouse is nestled among pine trees, and offers a rustic lodge feel. The treehouse has a fully-equipped kitchen that can be used to prepare meals. A loft bedroom features a queen-size bed and a modern bathroom. A deck and grill are available on the outdoor space. The space has Wi-Fi and a smart television with streaming options. Access to the shared sandy beach, kayaks and canoes as well as paddleboats are available. A $125 fee applies to pets.

Maine Lakeside Treehouse, Newport, Maine

This treehouse is a great spot for outdoor lovers. It’s located near the 4,288-acre Sebasticook Lake. This treehouse is a great spot for swimming, bass fishing, canoeing and kayaking. You can also bike and hike on the four-season rail-trail. You can stay here if you wish to make several day trips to Maine’s Acadian National Park, the lakes and state parks, or to the ocean. It’s a simple treehouse, but it’s not extravagant. It is available for rent from June to September.

Tree House at the Shire, Conway, New Hampshire

Staying in a treehouse is a great way to explore New Hampshire. This rustic, rural cabin in the trees is only 15-20 minutes away from North Conway. You can disconnect from the outside world and go back to basics by staying here. The space measures 9×12 inches and offers a small living area with a queen-size memory foam mattress, sheet, blankets, and other comforts. It does not have a full kitchen or bathroom. There is an outdoor kitchen, a cooler and coffee and tea supply. There is an outdoor bathroom just a few feet away. Traditional outhouses can cause groundwater contamination. According to our sources, the hole doesn’t encapsulate the waste, so it can leach into the soil or water. Luckily, traditional outhouses are seldom used anymore. Seasonally, you can also use the bucket bathing facility. If you notify the host in advance, pets are permitted here.

Two-Story Treehouse in Newbury, New Hampshire

This luxury treehouse is close to Mount Sunapee, Lake Sunapee offers all the modern amenities that you would need. The treehouse is surrounded by nature and offers outdoor recreation in a unique space. This Airbnb rental includes radiant heat flooring, a propane fire place, wrap-around deck, grill/griddle and galley kitchen with all the appliances. Two bedrooms can comfortably accommodate up to four people in the treehouse. Guests have access to Wi-Fi, cable TV and internet.

How to Survive Long Layovers

Breaks between flights have several pros and cons. 

A long layover means that you might be able to get a cheaper ticket for a connecting flight, and you have a chance to explore the airport and do some shopping or eat a delicious snack before arriving at your destination. 

Long layovers can also happen if you missed a flight or your flight got delayed because of weather changes. But a lot of people dread these flights because they feel that they’ll feel stuck for hours. 

This doesn’t have to be the case, and a long layover can sometimes be fun. 

Although layovers are sometimes impossible to avoid, there are several tips that can help you survive them. 

Do Some Research About the Airport Lounge

Check the lounge facilities and how you can enjoy them. For example, most airport lounges offer sleeping pods and relaxing chairs, or even spas, so they’ll help you relax before continuing your trip. 

You can buy a one-time access lounge ticket for a discounted price or use the credit card that makes you eligible for lounge use. You can also get free drinks and snacks at the lounge, so make sure that you ask about the terms and conditions. 

Enjoy Some Sleep

A travel pillow and a lightweight blanket will keep you comfortable if you need to catch up on some sleep. To keep your carry-on secure, use a lock and cable to secure your bag to the chair and set the alarm if you can. You can also put your carry-on under your feet, so no one will be able to move it. 

Explore the City

If your layover is long enough, you can leave the airport and explore the city. Planning this in advance is necessary, so you can have a list of nearby spots or the places you can visit. 

Exploring the city is an excellent idea, especially if your layover is 8 hours or longer. You can have a quick meal, do some shopping, and even go watch a movie. Flights with longer layovers are also cheaper, so you can save on some cash and spend this money around the city. 

Go Shopping

Duty-free shopping is quite appealing because you can find plenty of deals. It’s also a chance to buy some of your favorite snacks, perfumes, and drinks. 

There might also be several low-key boutiques around the airport, so you can buy some extra clothes if you’re feeling too hot or too cold. Just take a look around and research the airport before you travel. 

Book a Hotel Room

In most cases, airlines offer free accommodation if the layover is between 8 and 12 hours long. So, ask before you book a flight ticket, as you might be eligible for a hotel stay. 

You can also book a hotel room on your own to get some sleep or take a quick shower. Just stick to a nearby hotel, so you don’t miss your next flight and ask the reception for a wake-up call. 

Read A Book

The long layover can be a chance to catch up on some reading. Grab your favorite book or use your kindle device. If you forgot to pack your book, you could explore the airport, and you might be able to find plenty of bookshops to grab an interesting book. …

Best Restaurants in Boston, MA

You are probably familiar with the idea of “greatest hits”, but this guide is more than a list of our top-rated spots. This guide is a selection of places that we believe every Bostonian should visit at least once. It also includes recommendations for restaurants to prioritize if you are new to the area.

We wouldn’t send anyone to Boston without first introducing them to “Hotel California” or The Eagles. It’s not right.

Boston Fine Dining


According to rumours, Space Boston will only be able to accommodate one seafood restaurant when humanity travels to Mars to make a new Earth. Island Creek Oyster Bar is the restaurant that will be representing New England’s platonic seafood ideal. The Island Creek Oyster Farm opened the Kenmore Square location. They probably know more about how to make delicious seafood than anyone. This place is a great choice for any occasion due to its extensive menu and brunch options.


Ask enough people and you will soon realize that this vibrant Winter Hill Mediterranean spot is everybody’s favorite. Although we don’t succumb to peer pressure, in this instance, it might be worth listening to the wisdom of the crowd. Although this is the longest Boston menu, it’s also one of the most delicious. You will be delighted with just a handful of the Middle Eastern small plates. They are bursting with flavor. This is just a bonus. It’s extremely difficult to get a table at this restaurant, even though it is located in an empty area of Somerville, behind the high school. You can make a reservation by arriving before 7pm to grab a seat at the bar. Here you can look over the prep station and ask bartenders for whatever you want.


Toro will make it seem like you have more friends than you do, so that you can try as many of the South End tapas places. It has a lot of high-end tables and great drinks. We would try to go there at least once per week if it wasn’t so difficult to get in. You’re missing summer if you don’t leave work at 8 a.m. every day to take advantage of Toro’s sidewalk tables.


This half-nightclub/half-izakaya is one of Boston’s flashiest restaurants. We mean it in a positive way, for once. While you can enjoy sushi and sashimi here, it’s better to focus on small plates and order as many as possible. You don’t have to be afraid of ordering things that might seem like gimmicks. Tableside hot rocks are used for cooking wagyu meat, nitrogen cocktails, and $16 worth of caviar, sea urchin, or quail egg. It’s all amazing, and the spoon is well worth it.


We are not referring to any food court offshoots that you might find in Greater Boston. The original Regina’s, located on Thatcher Street in North End, has been around since before Great Depression. Although the Green Line doesn’t prove that age alone is a guarantee of greatness, it is a good starting point for a pizza shop. Although you can’t order slices, it’s okay because you’ll enjoy lingering over a whole pizza and a pint of beer in a place as casual as your Saturday morning hoodie. This is the best place to get pizza in the city.


Pagu is a Japanese-Spanish fusion. Once you sit down, it becomes fusion food. It’s just really, really good food. This small plate restaurant is great for sharing with friends before you head out to Central Square. The whole suckling pork roast is a great choice for groups, especially if you’re looking for the best group dining experience in the city. This place is not new to us, so make sure you book in advance.


The first thing you will notice when you enter Kava Neo Taverna, in the South End is the huge mural depicting an old fisherman looking over the dining area. His face is a mixture of a shaved, weathered, and sad expression. You’ll quickly understand his sadness that he has to work on drywall, while you can enjoy Kava’s perfectly cooked octopus. This cozy little spot on Shawmut Ave. is going to be your go-to place for midweek meals when you don’t feel like cooking. Before you go, raise a glass to the old fisherman – not to say goodbye but to let him know you’ll be returning.


While we won’t tell you to spend your entire paycheck at O Ya in one night, if you have a corporate credit card or something to celebrate, this Leather District sushi restaurant might be the best thing you can do in Boston. You can expect to find perfect fish cuts and truffles paired with caviar, gold leaf, and truffles. O Ya’s omakase will be one of your most memorable meals.


We would love to live in Coppa. We’ll be going to Coppa for dinner every night, even though it doesn’t offer a shower, Netflix, or a couch. The small dishes are delicious (try the oysters and meatballs), but there are some great pizzas (especially the one with bone marrow). It’s the pastas that make this place so special. Coppa is one of our favorite Italian restaurants. You can sit outside on a summer evening, or inside with a friend.


Juliet is included in this list because, despite the prose poem on their menu, it’s the most casual fine-dining restaurant that we have ever seen. This Union Square restaurant feels more like a casual gathering in your friend’s charmingly messy apartment than a fancy French restaurant. Although your friend is unlikely to be able to prepare a five-course tasting menu using hyper-local ingredients, it’s possible that they can create one that changes every few weeks with a consistent theme. It’s affordable, at $65 per person, and gratuity included, so it’s a great way to impress your date.


Neptune Oyster is almost impossible to enter. You also know it is crowded and full of tourists. It’s not the oyster bar you’d expect. You can grab a seat at the bar if you happen to be walking by it. It doesn’t matter if you have just had a beer and eaten a bowl of spaghetti bolognese all by yourself. We are happy to help you grab that bar seat and get you ready for round 2. It’s worth it to walk home with a lobster roll, crudi, or johnnycake.


Myers & Chang offers every flavor in the spectrum. There are also a few that have yet to be identified by taste scientists. Is there a taste scientist? We’re submitting our application to MIT if that is the case. The South End Asian Fusion small plates restaurant is small and packed full of people enjoying charred noodles or dumplings. This is the kind of dinner party you wish that you could throw – but you don’t have.


Craigie on Main offers a variety of New England-inspired dishes, including Maine lamb and Essex clams. It’s also proof that fine dining does not have to be complicated. Enjoy great cocktails and the tasting menu at your next small-group dinner or date night.


Saltie Girl is one of the few oyster bars that offers Japanese, Spanish, Italian and classic New England seafood. Although it is small and packed almost every day, it feels almost like a party. It’s a great option for those who can’t decide what they want to eat. There’s a good chance you’ll be back again after you’ve been once.


Tell your family and friends that you would like to be buried in Mount Auburn before you die. Not because Mount Auburn is a beautiful, historic cemetery, but because you will be near Sofra if you are. Sofra, a counter-service Mediterranean café/bakery in West Cambridge, is owned by Oleana and Sarma. It serves delicious breakfast and lunch mezzes. You can get the Turkish breakfast or shakshuka if you are in the mood for breakfast. But you won’t be able to leave without trying the chicken wings. They’re not as good as what you would find in a bar on Sunday. You won’t be disappointed if you order baklava as a dessert.


A fancy omakase can be enjoyed at the bar. Hours of delicious sushi look and taste like they belong in a museum. We can’t afford to eat sushi every day, so Cafe Sushi in Harvard Square is a great alternative. This place isn’t just for midweek meals. The simple name fits well because it’s a low-key spot on a multi-level retail strip. Cafe Sushi is the kind of food you want to have for a special occasion, even if you don’t want to share your anniversary with a bunch of undergrads who don’t know what omakase is. You’ll likely find some new nigiri here – such as Bluefish, which is not a favorite seafood type, but the pickled version has the power of changing a lot of people’s minds. O Ya can be saved for the Powerball jackpot that you will definitely hit one day. Cafe Sushi offers a $100 omakase, as well as a range of a la carte choices.


Although we don’t know what constitutes a neighborhood restaurant, it appears that everyone who visits Ten …

Air Travel Etiquette

Are you making grandiose plans to go on a summer vacation? Book your plane tickets now! You should also follow certain rules of etiquette when flying to make your journey as pleasant as possible.

Nobody wants their dream holiday started with an argument with flight attendants, or with snotty feet and elbow fights over armrests. These are the rules of flying that will ensure a smooth start to your vacation.

Airplane Passengers

1. You are ready for security screening

Before you board the plane, your journey begins. After you have checked your baggage, you can proceed to the next stage of your flight: security screening before you board the plane.

Although security checks can seem tedious, you don’t want to be the one holding the line or provoking the stern stares or anger of the TS agents and your fellow passengers.

All your documents are ready. Your passport, ID, and boarding pass will be appreciated by security guards and passengers. For easy access, you can either get one of these wallets or keep them in your front pocket.

You should take everything from your pocket. Your keys, coins, and other valuables will be taken out of your pockets once you’re near the security check queue. You must also take your watch, sunglasses, wallet, belt, shoes, jacket, and wallet to the bin.

Take water out of your bottle. Keep hydrated during your flight. However, make sure that your bottle is not full for screening.

The 3-1-1 rule applies. All 3-1-1 liquids should be placed in a transparent, quart-sized bag. Read our post to find out what you cannot take on board a plane.

Place your laptop in a separate bin. You should keep your laptop in a separate bin. These are some ways to pack your carry-on.

After scanning, quickly collect all of your items. It’s okay to take the bin away. You don’t want anyone blocking you while you put your watch, shoes and belt on. You can put your watch, shoes, belt, etc. back on.

2. Do not block the aisle

After you have greeted the smiling flight attendants, and gotten on the plane, try to not block the aisle. Do not be the passenger who makes everyone wait while they rummage in their bags in an overhead bin.

People waiting in an airplane’s middle aisle.

You should prepare all the necessary items for your flight ahead of time. You should have your cardigan, laptop and reading materials ready for the flight. You are now ready to go on a pleasant ride.

3. Armes restraint

Unwritten flying rules state that the person sitting in the middle seat is the luckiest. You can use both armrests. The person sitting in the window gets the best view. The one in the aisle seats gets easy access to the toilet. However, the two armrests in the middle seat are your only option.

You can trust that your fellow travellers will be aware of this rule, and you won’t have to wage war for your armrest territory.

4. Put your phone on silent mode

Sleeping is sometimes the best way to make it through a long flight. It can be difficult to sleep with engines humming, children gently (or not at all gently) kicking your seats or a couple talking incessantly. Once you finally fall asleep, your phone rings. ).

You don’t want your phone to go silent, especially on red-eye flights. It’s called “manner mode” by the Japanese because it is a good manner to respect and show consideration for everyone on board.

5. Use headphones

You can listen to and like any music you want, as long as your headphones are on. Imagine 500 people on an A380 long-haul plane listening to their favorite music simultaneously. It would be a disaster in the sky.

This travel tip is also for your children. These shrill, overly enthusiastic voices can be heard on children’s television and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. You can buy pink headphones for children if necessary, but ensure they are happy with them and that they use them.

6. Consider your family and offer to swap seats

Airlines may charge additional fees or block some seats. This means that families cannot buy seats together. Be kind if you notice someone travelling with a child, an elderly person or a sick person. Offer to swap seats.

You can wait until the plane reaches cruising altitude before you switch seats if you don’t feel comfortable.

7. Reclining airplane etiquette

Many passengers claim that they avoid recumbent seating on short flights. It would be an inconvenience for the passenger in front as the airplane seat space is shrinking. They will have to see your snoring face. They will likely not have access to their under-seat carry on bag.

A woman looks through an airplane window.

However, long-haul flights are best if your seat is rearranged. Follow airplane protocol and look behind you to signal that you are reclining your seat. You don’t want your seat to be pushed back by someone who may have their laptop, food or drinks on the tray table behind you.

8. No foul-smelling food

You don’t see planes as being famous for their tasty meals. If you want to eat healthy snacks, you can bring your own food.

Be mindful that a plane can only hold 300-500 passengers. It is probably best to forget your favorite garlic bread, anchovy Pizza, kimchi or stinky cheese.

9. Be a good listener.

It’s possible to make your time fly by having a friendly conversation with your neighbor. Flying solo can be a wonderful way to meet new people and receive tips from other travellers. Even if you have a great relationship, the conversation can seem too lively or long to others. They might be trying to get their babies to sleep, so they can also rest.

If you aren’t interested in chatting and your neighbor seems too friendly you can politely tell them you have work to do and then open your laptop. You can also read, put on your headphones or just drift off.

10. Make sure you have socks

Experts would advise you to keep your shoes on. Smelly feet and unpleasant body odours can make stuffy planes unbearable. No one wants to see your naked feet, even if you’re in the heat and your feet are swollen.

A Qantas Boeing 747 during takeoff.

You should also think twice about going to the toilet in your bare feet. Most planes have a very dirty floor. Lavatories on planes are also not the most clean. Crew members often clean the plane quickly, spraying and wiping off the surfaces in the lavatory to speed up the turnaround time (the time between landing and the next takeoff). The liquid that you see in the loo is probably not water.

Don’t spend too much time in the lavatory. The passengers who are waiting for you will not appreciate your 45-minute routine.

After a pleasant and smooth journey, you’re here.

A final tip: Be polite. Be patient. While everyone is eager to get on, please don’t crowd the aisle. You can politely ask your fellow travelers if you’re in a rush for a connecting flight.

For more tips, check out this article from USA Today.…

Germany’s Best Lakes: A Travel Guide

Germany is a beautiful country with many lakes that are worth exploring. Traveling to the lakes in Germany can be an excellent trip for both tourists and locals, as it has plenty of different types of scenery. In this blog post, we will explore what makes these lakes so special and why you should make plans to visit them!

Lake Eibsee – Travel To The Beautiful Lakes In Germany

Lake Eibsee is located in the southeast of Bavaria and is a great example of how beautiful some lakes can be. Travelers will enjoy views from this lake as it looks out over the famous German Alps, which make for stunning scenery! It also has a small island that you can visit if you are looking to get away from everything else going on around here. Travelers who love hiking will find plenty to do with Lake Eibsee as well since there are many different trails nearby that lead into the mountains . Traveling With Kids – A Travel Guide For Parents

Lake Königssee – Travel To The Beautiful Lakes In Germany

Lake Königssee is another great example of how beautiful lakes can be. Travelers will enjoy views from this lake as it looks out over the famous German Alps, which make for stunning scenery! It also has a small island that you can visit if you are looking to get away from everything else going on around here. 

Lake Kochelsee –  Travel To The Beautiful Lakes In Germany

Lake Kochelsee is located in the southeast of Bavaria and has a lot to offer its visitors. Travelers will enjoy views from this lake as it looks out over the famous German Alps, which make for stunning scenery! It also has a small island that you can visit if you are looking to get away from everything else going on around here. Lake Starnberg – Travel To The Beautiful Lakes In Germany

Lake Walchensee – Travel To The Beautiful Lakes In Germany

Lake Walchensee is located in the Bavarian Alps and offers stunning views. Travelers will enjoy views from this lake as it looks out over the famous German Alps, which make for stunning scenery! It also has a small island that you can visit if you are looking to get away from everything else going on around here. 

Alpsee Lake (near Neuschwanstein Castle) – Travel To The Beautiful Lakes In Germany

Alpsee Lake is located near the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and offers stunning views. Travelers will enjoy views from this lake as it looks out over the famous German Alps, which make for stunning scenery! It also has a small island that you can visit if you are looking to get away from everything else going on around here. 

Lake Starnberg – Travel To The Beautiful Lakes In Germany 

Located southwest of Munich in Bavaria, Lake Starnberg has some great things to offer travelers who decide to stop by. Travelers will enjoy views from this lake as it looks out over the famous German Alps, which make for stunning scenery! It also has a small island that you can visit if you are looking to get away from everything else going on around here. Travelers will also enjoy the local history that is present with this lake, as it was a personal favorite of King Ludwig II and where he would go for much needed relaxation time after his busy day .