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The Start Of It All

The Start

Can Ch Pikop's Scandalous Affair & Can Ch Pikop's Cerulean Mystique


The first time someone sees an Italian Greyhound, they generally form one of two opinions... that it is the most beautiful thing they have ever seen, or the ugliest thing they have ever seen! Rarely is anyone ambivalent about an Italian Greyhound!

In 1980, I personally experienced the first opinion. My mother dragged me out of an antique car auction to look at the 'ugly dog'. I did not want to leave the '57 TBird convertible that I was drooling over, but she wouldn't stop about how horrid this dog was. I finally allowed her to drag me outside and there was this old man (well... back then he seemed old, but looking back I realize he was probably 60 or so) holding a solid blue Italian Greyhound. I remember saying "Oh my God" and my mom saying "I know! Isn't it ugly?" I disagreed, and said it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

I immediately tried to locate one of these dogs for myself, although it took a few years for me to find my first IG. I already had a German Shepherd with my boyfriend at the time, and when I couldn't find an Italian Greyhound, I thought a small Whippet would be just as good.

I was wrong. I love the Whippet, and I have continued to have one for most of the past 25 years, but my true love is the Italian Greyhound. They are a living sculpture, a being so elegant that I can't help but admire them in all their antics.

I purchased my first Italian Greyhound in 1985, and while he went on to be a competitive dog in the ring, he developed hereditary health problems so he was never a part of my breeding future. Still, I loved him and kept him comfortable for as long as I could. I will never forget him, as he was my introduction to this wonderful breed.

Within 6 months of getting him, he was quickly joined by my first bitch, who lived to almost 17 years old.  I don't think any dog anywhere in this world was ever loved as much as my husband and I loved Scandal.  Her loss crushed us.

I have now been extensively involved with the Italian Greyhound as an exhibitor and breeder for over three decades. I believe there is no breeder in Canada who has bred more Best in Show winners, or has owned more multiple Best in Show winners. As a caretaker and guardian of the breed, it is my responsibility to awaken you to the beauty of the IG, but to also advise you of the foibles of the breed.

I've tried to present you with a lot of information in these pages. Some of it may seem excessive, but I strongly feel that too much information is not always a bad thing. If you're a prospective IG person and you look at this site and skim it, thinking there's too much to read, you're probably not right for an IG anyway.

Whether you are a prospective IG owner, an established breeder researching bloodlines, or a seasoned exhibitor scoping out the competition, I hope you enjoy these pages.

Most importantly, I hope they teach you something or at least give you food for thought!


Diavolino Italian Greyhounds

World renowned show dogs and world class companions 


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